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What is this journal all about?

This journal presents subjective, first-person reviews of 5K races and walks in Southern California, primarily the greater Los Angeles area.


There isn't always a lot of information out there about the various races, what they offer, and how they operate. I'm sharing my experiences in the hopes of helping others decide which races are right for them.

You're full of it. I went to _____ race and I had a great time/a horrible time! You are totally wrong in whatever you said about that race! Idiot.

Aw, I love you too.

Some 5Ks have thousands of participants. Each one of those runners and walkers has his or her own personal racing style and personality. What works for one participant may not work for another. With so many people, positive and negative experiences can and do happen within the same race.

It bears repeating that my reviews focus on my personal experiences. Not yours, not your Aunt Molly's, and not your Uncle Joe's. If you had a great time at a race that I detested, I'm really happy you were able to get something out of it. If you had a horrid time at a race I loved, I'm sorry that you didn't have a better day.

My opinions and experiences do not invalidate yours, and vice versa.

How do you know how many people ran the race?

I check the results and report the number of finishers. Of course, this number isn't perfect, and doesn't account for people who did not complete the race or bandits, but it's probably the closest one's going to get to an official number. If there aren't any results available online, I do my best to guesstimate based on observations at the race.

Why do you report the 10K/half/marathon numbers even though you only do the 5K?

Some races start 5Ks at the same time as other distances; others stagger the times. Still, more often than not, those participants will be on the course and/or using pre-race and finish line services at the same time as the 5Kers at one point or another. Therefore, they do influence the overall race experience.

Can I copy something I see in the blog?

No. Everything here is (C) 2012 - 2016 Run This Way. If I see this site's content copied anywhere, I can and will file DMCA takedown notices.

Who are you?

Someone with XX chromosomes who does 5K races in Southern California.


I know how to use a computer and have some command of the English language. I also have a scar above my navel. That's all you're getting.


Because my identity really doesn't matter here; my opinions do.

Can I friend you on Dreamwidth?

Sure, if it makes it easier for you to follow my entries. However, be aware that I don't friend back. That's just because I use this space to post my reviews, not to make friends and interact.

Why do you only run 5Ks?

Due to severe medical issues, 5Ks are about all I can take. No, that doesn't make me a wimp; it means I know my physical limitations and work within them.

Why are comments disabled?

Comments on this blog are disabled for three reasons. One, I don't want to open the floor to debates. Two, while I appreciate your readership, I don't really want feedback. Three, because I don't want to be bothered dealing with trolls. Yes, I know that you're not a troll, but until they come up with a foolproof filter to screen out online asshats, I will not allow comments at all.

How can I contact you, then?

You can't. Why would you want to, anyway?

What are your criteria for a good race?

See the blog post about that.

Why do you always add mass transit information to every race review?

Because believe it or not, some people in Los Angeles do use public transportation and they might like to get to the race, too.


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