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Overview: A friendly community race.

When: June 15, 2014.

Downtown Culver City, on Washington Blvd.

Course access:  The Metro 733 was running normally, and the start line was only about a block away from the stop at Venice and Bagley. The Culver City station on the Expo light rail line was also within walking distance.

Why: The Culver City Educational Fund and Train 4 Autism.

Number of Participants: 823 finishers in the 5K; 390 in the 10K.  

Pre-race:  Packet Pickup on race day was seamless; volunteers were friendly. However, a few more port-o-potties would have been nice!

Course: Through Downtown Culver City and back, past landmarks such as Sony Studios, with their giant rainbow. Very flat. Mile markers and water stops provided.

Post-Race: A few small items of food and drink. There were only a handful of tables at the expo in the small park, and I believe they all were educational services, etc. They were of interest to parents with children in elementary school, but perhaps not to the general running crowd.

Chip timing: Bib tags and timing by Gemini. Clock at finish line.

Shirt:  A simple gray t-shirt with the race logo.

Swag: A very adorable medal of a shoeprint. The race also provided free photos with the race logo. This was very welcome, since most race photos are ridiculously priced. 

Would I Run this Race Again: Yes!


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